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Ideas Boards
At our first event, we had boards and bits of coloured paper for everyone to add ideas of creative things we could collaborate to get off the ground. A year later we met at Taw Valley Brewery’s Tap Room to reflect on the things we’ve seen emerge and to discuss and add bigger ideas to bigger boards for the future.

Please contact redmudarts@gmail.com if you’d like to add anything to these lists. Alternatively you can post it on our new Facebook group.

Here are the things we came up with this August 2023:

Red Mud Arts: Ideas Boards at Taw Valley Tap Room Event on 6.8.2023:-

Future events: ideas please!!  

o   North Tawton Festival 2024. Bronwen can help. Yes! Yes!

o   Youth: Daytime open mic sessions that kids can attend too.

o   Youth talent show. Yes! Yes!

o   Community Art Installation.

o   Photography exhibition.

o   Garage / Room installations.

o   Food (making food and eating)

o   ‘All Join In’ Sing-along! sessions.

o   Group guitar-learning sessions.

o   Jam sessions. Yes!

o   Improvisation workshops.

o   Calligraphy classes.

o   Pop-up cinema – yes, yes!

o   North Tawton Cracker (Multi-person Festival Puppet).

o   Stand-up comedy night

o   Fund-raising: gala evening – live music, food, dancing.

o   Fund-raising: Giant pinball fundraiser here (sloped floor)!

o   More creative meet-ups.

o   Pint & ponder (sessions) – yes!

o   Philosophical free-for-all. Yes please. Yes!

Help offered:-

o   Bronwen: Sound & acting movement workshops (opera) – kids & adults.

o   Cathy: Marketing strategy support.

o   Bronwen: Recording studio - non-prof but some good equipment. (email RMA for phone number)

o   Music theory.

o   Bass player.

o   Emma & Reg: email us at  emma@artscribe.uk  – paint pigments, small quantity to buy; print-making equipment & materials; Art techniques; Mounting pictures guidance / doing it; selection of Artist books/reference books to borrow/lend; setting up MailChimp email app.

o   Gallery.

o   Ruth: recent paper donation from retiring local printer, free to anyone who would like some.

o   Noah: various tools.

o   Wendy Dacre: on Saturday 9th Sept 2023: 12.30-2pm, Community Centre, North Tawton: we are doing a demo of what craft tools we have in the Library of Things to borrow. (Join for £5 per year, borrow as many times as you like). See Facebook North Tawton Library of Things.

o   Susi&Rob: Venue for ‘jam sessions’ once a month? up to 8 people:guitar/singing (hobbyists). Brilliant! (i.e. Guitar club group for playing & singing covers together.)

o   Double Elephant Print collective has moved to Crediton. (Note: a not-for-profit printmaking studio: courses/tuition, resources, support for printmakers, artists, beginners).

Help wanted:-

o   Audience needed for AJ Shaw’s Punk Band’s Album launch on Sat 16th Sept at Exeter Phoenix.

o   Recording studio. Yes!

o   Drummers.

o   Brass/wind players.

o   Soundproof space to practice playing instruments with no pressures. (drums/bongos!! / electric guitar).

o   Exhibition space & opportunities for visual artists.

o   Help and advice marketing small creative business online e.g. Search engine optimization, sales funnels. Cathy can help!

o   Admin help – maybe a workshop (recorded and available online)

o   Screenprinting equipment for Library of Things.

o   Printing press

o   How best to create & print a book?


To bring together creatives to socialise, support and co-create, and pursuing venue opportunities for an arts hub.
Who are we?

A collective in North Tawton who recognise the need for creative community. On the team is: Cathy Page, Ruth Smith, Rob Harris, Arran Hawkins, Susi Kirkwood, Sue Gray and Nigel Davies.